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Media: 2014

Sharmi in the BBC travel show

Sharmi qouted in The New York Times

Sharmi in Brigid Schulte's book, Work, Love and Play

Sharmi in Geo Special

Sharmi has her own column in STYLISTA

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Sharmi in Chri Chri

Media: 2013

BBC4: Dec. 31st, 2013. Radio interview with Sharmi about materialism, Christmas and the link to Danish happiness.

Newspaper interview with Sharmi, May 26th 2013 with the Copenhagen Post. Read more >>

November 5th, 2013. Sharmi was interviewed on TV France3 about her book and the relationship Danes have to high taxes and how it is related to happiness.

Authors Elizabeth H. Bradley and Lauren A. Taylor from the Yale School of Public Health interviewed Sharmi Albrechtsen for her opinions and experiences with Danish healthcare and how it compared to the American system in their new book: The American Health Care Paradox. Read more >>

Sharmi was interviewed for South Korea’s largest online newspaper, OhMyNews. article on the front page. She speaks about her book project and ongoing blog about the Danish Happiness phenomenon. Read more (EN)>> Read more (KR)>>

Sept. 2013: A book review by The Copenhagen Post about Sharmi's new book "A Piece of Danish Happiness".

Read more (orig)>> Read more (pdf)>>

November 16th, 2013. Sharmi was interviewed for Portugal’s top newspaper, Expresso about Danish Happiness and how to export it to other counties.

Read more (pdf) >> Read full article (pdf) >>

Sharmi writes a guest a blog about Danish gifting habits, June 2013. Link here >>

Dec. 2013. Sharmi was interviewed for an in-depth, 4-page article about her book and perspectives on Danish happiness in lifestyle, fashion magazine, Bons Fluidos. (BRAZIL)

Named as the Danish happiness expert, she gives expert advice about finding happiness in the Danish way! Read more (pdf) >>

October 2013. London-based Book Bag critic, Jill Murphy, gives Sharmi Albrechtsen's book A Piece of Danish Happiness, four out of 5 stars and a positive review. "Every reader will take something of value from this enjoyable book., " she says. Read more >>

Media 2012

House Hunters International - Happy are the Danes in Charlottenlund.

Sharmi was featured on House Hunters International (HGTV), June 2012. (part1)

Sharmi is a guest blogger for the site WIMDU. She names her happiest places in CPH. Link here >>

In House Hunters She talks about her book, the Danish happiness phenomenon and what it's like to move countries (from US to Denmark) and cultures. The show follows her and her family on their journey to find a new family home in Denmark. 

Sharmi was interviewed on Oprah Winfrey's Lifeclass Season Finale show in April 2012 talking about her blog and life in Denmark. The topic was gratitude and included guests Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

Media 2011

Interview with Sharmi Albrechtsen in Danish Institute for Study abroad newspaper, DisPATCH, December 2011. Read more >>

December issue 2011 of Conde Naste’s sister magazine to Vogue Italy, My Self. (ITALY)

Ms. Albrechtsen writes a column about the top 10 reasons Why Women in Denmark are Happy. Read more >>

Media before 2011

Sharmi Albrechtsen September 2011 was featured on the German television network ARTE by the TV news magazine, ‘Yourope’

Ms. Albrechtsen write a column in German magazine Emotion about Happy Denmark and her favourite places. Read more >>

Radio Interview with Sharmi Albrechtsen, BBC, December 2011. Listen here >>